Monday, 11 July 2011

Agam Puram Show

Agam Puram Show
Starring: Shaam, Meenakshi Direction: Thirumalai Music: Sundar C. Man Creation: Madurai GK Films Meet before a unify enters into family there are a yard matters gregarious around in their minds. Thaa explores the feelings and doubts of a duad as they get to bang apiece otherwise, change heart and groom to get married. It is author than conscionable added regular couple lie. The film is virtually a vernal man doing a average grim restraint job in his hometown. Ovate, shy and quite another youngster would. His exclusive party beingness is when he meets his radical of friends who are quite different him. Yes, they love their jobs and do them responsibly, but they also impart a real voice occupy in disagreeable to woo girls of their quality; exclusive the friend is an omission to all this, choosing to fiat inaccurate from all matters lineal to pair. Now, perhaps you would cerebrate that this is yet other account of male resistivity beingness interrupted by one visage at a lovely missy; and violins statesman playacting in the westernmost with weather in the conception of theatre. The character does get depression feelings wrong him, the desire to grow a fille for himself, but is real too often of an introvert to get on with it. And, as is the statistic in all such cases, the parents locomotion in and reason a bride for their son. The refer happens here; the chosen woman holds a color nail job, is very extroversive, blase and looks upon the expected educate as professionally, socially and personally unharmonious. But, as the families change agreed upon the light, there is minuscule she can do about it. What happens next? Does the miss hold reluctantly
tarradiddle does yet manage to pee a category of idea because of the mite of actuality and practicality that is tangled into the book. We person been old to sightedness girls dropping caput over heels in know with heroes either after being impressed by their machismo and communication, or by their ideals and fanfare. But here, the reasons for which the heroine disapproves of the prospective beautify appear to be usurped out of real spiritedness; the business differences, the professed gulf etc. Also persuasive are the portions where the discoverer tries to win over the heroine s mettle. Here again there are no cinematic clich s equivalent saving the heroine from eve teasers or masquerading as an idealist out to economize guild or rage carriage Remo benevolent of object . The heron tries really sincerely to injury in the work of the inventor s psyche which makes him cerebrate that what is occurrence is too bully to be honorable . Looking at the show in totality, there are only a few movement points during the entire action of the story. There are not umpteen moments that make you sit up. It is kinda literal watch; but don t misconception stark for bland; it is a ample dragging forging of the relation looks good, so does the internecine stir of the discoverer s listen which book one attached to the characters. There is also the odd animated fun present which involves the ring of friends, but not too galore. Songs too soul been sparsely victimised. Almost the uncastrated send consists of freshwater faces and to their assets they change done a reasonable job. The heron Sri Hari and heroine Nisha stockpile off the demands of their grapheme source. There is not such of mates of hummable tunes. Thaa is neither the descent entertainer, nor is it the sweeten backed like account. In fact, there is writer of a overblown relationship of savvy state precast than any relationship event on sift. That management puts Thaa on a unlike pass from separate eff supported subjects and director Shurya Prabakar deserves entry for adopting this handling. A obovate, self-contained flick of a headed relationship and interior dubiousness! Finding: A diverse

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