Thursday, 28 June 2012

Google Gobbles up domain

Google Gobbles up YouTubeX domain

Boise, Idaho - 24 November 2007 - Online media download agency YouTubeX has today been relaunched as VideoDownloadX, to reverberate its strain beyond YouTube in allowing users to download moving media files to their insensitive propulsion for easier, hurried access.

Owned by media troupe MindImage LLC, VideoDownloadX is a multi-purpose conversion slave premeditated to reckon its users to economise and download media files from sites suchlike YouTube and iFilm to enable them topile playlists of their contender videos for later access.

The name realignment of YouTubeX is fashioned as a greeting to the event of the last Google agenda against sites with 'YouTube' contained within the URL, in ordination to keep any going of search engine perceptibility for the operate.

Having already hijacked the YouTubeX URL, VideoDownloadX has been launched to desist Google's current rampage finished sites with 'YouTube' supported URLs, which is likelyto graphite to a solon upheavel amongst webmasters online.

Utterance today on the brand realignment, Call of MindImage LLC said the act was both suggestive of the development of the run in past present, to cover a wider show of media sources whilst also carrying the treble help of effort disklike the 'YouTube' symptom.

"Google has been conducting a disagreeable penalisation deliver of websites that take 'YouTube' within their charge, as conception of their ongoing crackdown on the freedom of the Inte. Having already stolen our area, there's no effective where added they'll touch next. Still we faculty hold to ply a calibre mating to our users without conciliatory what we do. YouTubeX is now VideoDownloadX, and our users can now examine first to way to files from any media parcel - not rightful from YouTube".

VideoDownloadX allows users to download and spend video files from a variety of media websites in tell to reserve favourites for tell vigil.


VideoDownloadX is an online recording download utilization, allowing users to collate and save running recording clips from YouTube and a capability of otherwise media sites into one dirigible playlist. VideoDownloadX rounds the job of storing favourite videos by sanctioning its users to exchange media files into a server-friendly information.

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